Snack Smart

One of the best tips I have learned on eating in general is to have a glass of water before I eat anything, snack or meal. This is a large part of snacking smart.

Now on to the easy snacks:

  1. Walnuts are a good choice because they contain omega 3′s
  2. Almonds are good for your heart health and contain lots of Vitamin E for skin health.
  3. Raisins are very portable and good for your heart.
  4. Figs are delicious and rich in protein and fiber.
  5. Prunes help control high blood pressure and help the body detox.
These highly portable snacks are all smart snack choices and are easy to keep handy for when the cravings hit. Another excellent tip for snacking smart is to have that piece of dark chocolate after you have eaten the other snack first, this way you are not denying yourself chocolate nor will you be overindulging. Try these easy snacks for smart healthy snacking.

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