Rachael gives you tips on how to balance your hormones with nutrition, and in doing so you can help control your belly fat.

Balance Your Hormones To Control Belly Fat

When your body starts putting extra fat on your belly it may well be because of a hormone imbalance.

One or another of these hormones may be to blame;

  1. high estrogen
  2. low testosterone
  3. low adrenal gland hormone DHEA,
  4. high cortisol
  5. high insulin
  6. low growth hormone

Hormone Imbalance – High Estrogen

The estrogen hormone directs the body to place fat around your abdomen, on your hips and belly. When men carry abdominal fat this in itself causes the testosterone hormone to convert into estrogen. As the estrogen levels rise so to does the storage of fat on the belly. It’s a double wammy just fueling the cycle of weight deposit on your belly. Menopausal men and women have too much body fat around the hips and have difficulty losing weight. Have your hormone levels checked by your physician so that this imbalance of high estrogen can be treated.

Hormone Imbalance – Low Testosterone

Your abdominal fat helps to convert testosterone into estrogen lowering your testosterone levels. Stress is another factor that will lower your testosterone as cortisol the stress hormone reduces its levels. Aging, obesity and stress are 3 factors that contribute to the fact that today men are experiencing lower testosterone levels earlier in life. This is alarming in that low testosterone levels also leads to decreased muscle mass, strength, stamina, drive, motivation and to a pot belly. Again, ask your doctor to test your hormone levels so that a proper balance can be setup for you.


DHEA is a precursor to the sex hormones produced by the adrenal glands. This hormone also helps to counteract the negative effects of high cortisol levels. It is touted tobe the anti-aging hormone because it influences the ability to lose fat and gain muscle. It helps us feel young and energetic.

High Cortisol

The stress hormone cortisol directs many metabolic pathways in our bodies. The fight or flight hormone energizes us in the short term but high levels of cortisol over a long period of time results in mood disorders, anxiety, depression, irritable bowel syndrome. High cortisol levels result in weight gain, soft, flabby people carrying around too much abdominal fat. I hate to admit it but I have just described myself much too accurately for my liking.

Hormone Imbalance – High Insulin

Insulin turns carbohydrate into fuel for your bodies energy supply. If it is getting too much fuel the extra calories are stored as fat inside adipose tissue cells. Nutritional intake of many diets today causesĀ  an excess of sugar, a deficit of fat and protein and a deficit of fiber intake both the soluble fiber and the insoluble fiber. Insulin resistance can be attributed to a lack of exercise and eating to much processed food. The result of this type of a lifestyle is high blood pressure, diabetes, and excess body fat around our abdomens, a big fat belly.

Low Growth Hormone

Our feelings, our actions and our physical appearance are all affected by the level of growth hormone in our bodies; every cell in our body has a receptor for the growth hormone. It is essential for tissue repair, muscle building and bone density, it is the regeneration hormone. and also declines with age. Studies have linked abdominal obesity in women with low growth hormone secretion.

Sleeping in total darkness will help your body release melatonin which helps cool your body down. This cool down initiates growth hormone release as your temperature drops, allowing it to work its magic. Another way to stimulate the release of growth hormone is to weight lift 7 minutes a day every other day. This causes your body to go into the adaptive response to repair those muscles that you have just torn by exercising them. This is our bodies natural response to exercise. Tiny miniscule tears are caused by any exercise; that is why your muscles hurt. Our body responds by increasing its production of growth hormone.

The bottom line is make sure your hormone levels are balanced. You have control over much of this balance by nutrition and exercise and by reducing your stress level. If you still have a problem and simply cannot reduce your belly fat then its time to see your doctor to help you balance your hormones.



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