“I’m hoping to pull a Kirstie Alley,” says Lake, 42. “Every part of my body hurts. … When I went in for a costume fitting, I’ve lost 8 ½ inches. Three inches in my waist. Three in my hips. Over an inch in my thighs and another inch and a half on my arms. It’s crazy.”

Dancing With The Stars – Ricki Lake Weight Loss

The 13th season of DWTS has begun and with it another star Ricki Lake is losing weight.  The 4 to 5 hour dancing workouts are the perfect motivator to change your eating habits as well. How does she do it?

Breakfast consists of either oatmeal or an egg white omelet with veggies.

Lunch is chicken breast with Gazpacho.

Dinner is a turkey meatloaf with a salad and a bit of potatoes.

Along with this she allows herself a glass of wine.

When the munchies hit she will allow herself 2 low-fat chocolate chip cookies.

“The longer I’m in the competition, the better I’ll feel about my body.” says Ricki.

Ricki Lake plans to join Kristi Alley and Marie Osmond by losing weight while preparing for the DWTS competition.

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