Preventative Measures

The best approach to preventing illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and stroke is diet and exercise. This is great because what is in our own control can be changed in as short a time frame as a matter of weeks. My brother had  heart surgery at the age of 54 and from his experience I have learned that changing our eating and exercise habits has an immediate impact on our body and it’s metabolism. Even though the weight loss may not show as immediately as we wish, the blood chemistry begins to improve immediately and so our overall health will follow.

Eat according to the guidelines given in The Heart Smart Diabetes Kitchen book, Fresh, Fast, and Flavorful Recipes Made with Canola Oil from the American Diabetes Association. Eat according to their guidelines to give yourself the best chance at a long life of wellness.

Canola oil is one of our best choices for use in food preparation since it has the highest amount of omega 3 in its composition, compared to other available cooking oils. This means less saturated fat consumption and more of the “good” fat.

Habits are created by repeating the same behavior time and time again. Whether we make the right choices or develop the right habits is totally within our control.

Heart Smart Diabetes Kitchen

We all have favorite foods we eat time and time again. All we need to do to make a very substantial positive change to our personal health is to find about 10 favorite dishes from The Heart Smart Diabetes Kitchen cookbook and make those our favorite recipes to eat repeatedly, while retiring our unhealthy favorites.

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